Anastasia Stročková (CZ) – Scenography of Fairytales


Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Anastasia Stročková sees herself as a stubborn person who works on the border of the world of cartoon and animation. Drawing serves her to express herself better than words, through passion for colours and lines, she speaks her perception of this world. In her hand and digital drawings, Anastasia engages intense colour scale, dynamic patterns and tells immediate stories. She loves improvisation in creation as well as in life, she likes going to the mountains and flying to remote countries. She is alumni of Studio of Illustration and Graphics at AAAD in Prague.

KOMA, Anastasia will be presenting her new ongoing project Scenography of Fairytales and a selection of illustrations. The project Scenography of Fairytales is interactive rendition of traditional fairytales. The artist´s stage set provides a space for one to fantasize and find new stories in her favourite fairytale. We can replay these stories exactly as they appear in our memories or we can mix the characters together and complete the ones we are missing through our imagination.