Balla Contemporary (CZ) - Transformace

Dance performance

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM

What are the milestone moments in our life and how they affect us? As the key moments in history formed our world into the shape of today, changes that we encounter throughout our lifetime too mould our personality in some measure. In moments of breakthrough and uncomfortable situations like a job loss, break up, serious injury or a death we go through a complete transformation without even noticing it. As we are adjusting to the new conditions, quite often we hold on a big trauma which some of us might not be able to process all life long. However these negative situations are the ones that empower us and teach us to empathy. Is it still us though? Or is it, in the sense of this technical world, an improved version of ourselves? Is the negative event a mistake that we need to fix to keep running our “operational system”? Or contrarily, is such a deep experience necessary for a further understanding from which we get on the train of endless transformation?
Dance show in four acts will be performed by Eva Šefčíková, Linda Boušková, Natálie Pecháčková, Lucie Fidrmucová and Jana Gazdagová Balla Contemporary dance group under the patronage of Balladine, Motion Hub and Lyceum - Social Reactor.