CZ vs. HU + Haze Movement (CZ)

Comics battle

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM

This year’s comics battle will exhibit not only visual art characters and random collaborations of distinctive and established artists as so; Czechs versus Hungarians! Gentlemen from Czech, not quite haphazard comics scene, compared to perks from Hungarian 1000% crew will meet their brushes on massive screens accompanied by music of HAZE MOVEMENT live.

Domestic players: Dalibor (MAX) Krch, Vladimír Strejček, Optik
Guest players: Richard Orosz, Attila Stark, Lot Balázs

1000% (HU)
Since 2002 the creative output always performed with 1000 percent style literally covers the city of Budapest and confronts people in their everyday lives: from fine art exhibited in bars, galleries, the Mücsarnok and other art institutions; over commissioned or illegal works for public & private spaces, festivals and events, to graphic design applied on posters, fanzines and flyers for cultural places and the club scene – 1000% simultaneously operates in various contexts and loves to perform the balancing act between the two fields of fine art and (graphic) design. In this sense 1000% define «urban art» as a crossover of disciplines. On the one side this schizophrenic approach reflects a typical attitude of urban art in general. On the other hand the use of multiple channels renders the work of 1000% more complex, so that it easily conquer this „urban cage”.