FŮD Magazine (CZ) – Girls, here is a rag for you


Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Series of posters Girls, here is a rag for you is an investigation of critical approaches to xenophobia and sexual stereotypes and gender roles. Eleven artists from five countries were asked by the team of curators to create a poster regarding these topics. Some of the artists are strongly focused on politically oriented issues and therefore they can be undoubtedly classified as visual activists, others overlap into the subject as part of their interest. Because of the growing importance of visual culture in today’s world, this type of work can become not only the way to deal with these problems, but also a powerful tool for a social change.
Parallel to the exhibition, we also issued a zine including interviews with all the participants of the exhibition. The interviews investigate gender roles and stereotypes in contemporary comics and independent zine culture along with a social role of illustration.

Exhibitors: Els Dillen (BE), Anna Dea Djuraas (DK), Valentine Gallardo (BE), Ida Neverdahl (N), Marie Novotná (CZ), Nikolas Petrlík (CZ), Justine Sarlat (FR), Morgane Somville (BE), Pauline Spira (BE), Barbora Tögel (CZ), Jana Vasiljević (BE)
Curators: Veronika Homolová, Barbora Müllerová, Barbora Tögel (FŮD Magazine, CZ)