Matt Boyce (GB) – FM3: Milestone Story – A very weird year


Friday, October 11, 2019 at 6:15 PM

Life is strange, sometimes it doesn't go the way you plan it - FM3 Milestone is a collection of vignettes some abstract some biographical about the passing of time and how life moves on. After falling ill last year, I now have an implantable loop recorder in my chest monitoring my heart, my friends joke that I’m now a cyborg.

Matt Boyce is a comic artist, illustrator and teacher based in London, UK. His works were presented in a variety of zines and anthologies, yet he also issued individual publications. He worked for various centres where he was organizing animation and comic workshops for kids, adults and the death, e.g. Southbank Centre (VB), Helsinki Comics Centre (FIN), City Lit (VB) or The British Library (VB). In Finland, Matt also participated in a month residency within CUNE program: Comics Artist in Residence and a guest at Helsinki Comics Festival, where he held workshop about the use of comics in education.