XRX mag. vol. 10 (CZ)


Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 4:30 PM

An underground comics magazine based in Pilsen and Prague. The first issue was published in 2012 in edition of several pieces as a result of a comic workshop, from 2014 up to now is being issued on a more regular assembled by the duo Sedlák/Staněk. XRX mag. is typical for its black and white color orientation, minimum of editing interventions and zero censorship thanks to its autonomy and independence.
During the last six years, eight issues presented works of established comic artists (Šlajch, Vladimir 518, Delarock, Jislová, Motal) as well as of emerging artists quite often from the ranks of Illustration Studio in Pilsen. The exhibition sinks deeply into past times of the magazine, including the most interesting comic contributions and backstage moments.
Lecture and talk with Tomáš Staněk and Josef Sedlák will indicate plans for the future and give a sense of the magazine’s philosophy.